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I have broken up with Drevin/Teddeh about 2 months ago. It was a fine relationship but during the summer it turned ugly.
I want to share with my followers that once there are signs in a relationship that show it should end, END IT. No matter how much you love them.
He cheated on me and used me. I never wanted to admit it and i kept forgiving and taking him back. He got into drugs and it was awful. He changed for the worse and blew me off, compulsively lying, snooping around, probably cheating more, and keeping me around for my hard earned money[for drugs]. He could have cared less so we broke it off equally. Few weeks later when I am over it, happy and moving on thinking we are still "friends". Till i think too many drugs went to his head.  He started saying my deviantart friends were non-existent as well as my in real life friends, I was somehow fake as well and basically crazy. He came up with several foolish lies to bring me down. He directly told me to die, choke on my own blood and that he will make my life miserable. He did all this as he was on his way to MS. He got his pothead and drug dealing 5 friends to get involved and torture me via Facebook. I will say instead of fighting back, I deactivated my facebook. 2 days later, re-opening it and blocking them. While they thought they were victorious, i was in the background telling police about the drug dealing and drugs they were in. Giving license plates and addresses so that if they wanted to, they could go after them. What did i do? probably ran out of money and i guess not be his little bitch. Ya know, he wasn't getting anywhere in life. He again, changed. He wanted acceptance from the lowest of people on earth and he thought he was so grown and drugs were "cool", he even dropped out of high school. I was a college student and I was happy, I wanted the best and he didn't like it. That's life, and honestly I could never want to deal with people such as him ever again. He realized he couldn't manipulate me like every other pitiful person he was around.
Don't fight back. never. And if it is a time where the situation was worse, contact the police and tell your family. Most of all, don't fuck with scums of the earth like that, everyone deserves better then that. I mixed with the wrong crowd and I'm glad I'm out of the mix.

Aside from that, almost New Years. Been a few weeks since that happened and I am with someone else. He's sweet and we started hanging out as friend. Was a nice Christmas gift Santa. Who knows what will happen from here

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Poliana-draws Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What happened to all your drawings? D=
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SodaButts Aug 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Do you still do pixel icon commissions?? ; u ;
xWill-O-Wisp Jul 28, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Thanks for the watch! c:
(1 Reply)
iEmeiisaur Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello :3
I'd like to invite you to join my contest !
First place gets 1500:points:+Art.In totall the contest is worth 2200:points: :3
And the prizes will incrase if more poeple join! Both points and art!
The task is easy,I on the 28th of August I have 1 year anniversary,so you'll need to draw me and my boyfriend.It can be dragon,canine,anthro,pony and human!.
I hope to not bother you,sorry if i missed a any sign on page that asks for not advertising contests.
If you are interested you are more than welcome !

Thanks :3
so y'know how you had that cousin 'sunni' or whatever
was she actually pregnant

did she have a child
(1 Reply)
MizAmy Jun 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist

I heard Koshi/Fluff passed away guys
(1 Reply)
Happy late Birthday!!
I've watched you. Llama time!
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